Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Witch's Ravine Layout

This is my block in of the Witch's house in the ravine, deep in the woods. My intent is to make the tower on the right the focal point since that is where Hansel and Gretel will be held captive. It will be early morning or late afternoon and the soon will be lighting the tower, foreshadowing that that's where they will end up. The secondary point of focus will be on the front door because I want the house to feel inviting

Reference for the Witch's Environment

House on the Hill Color final

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Witch House Designs

This is my first attempt at designing the Witch's house which is made of gingerbread and other sweets. As you can see, I haven't added any candy decor to it yet. I'm thinking of keeping the effect subtle so that her house appears to be old, run down and eaten by the dozens of other children who found it prior to Hansel and Gretel. The idea is that it's falling apart and she's in the process of baking and cooking a schmorgasboard of new treats to fix it up.

Leaf Designs

Some graphic leaf designs that could be used as Photoshop brushes for trees and bushes.

Tree Designs

Tree designs inspired by Open Season, Eyvind Earle

House on the Hill Color v01

Color Key

I went with a purple & yellow complimentary color scheme to represent early morning. I think some subtle godrays coming from the top left would make the light direction clearer..

House on the Hill v02 Tonal

Final Tonal version of Hansel & Gretel's house on the hill, overlooking town. It's early morning and their mother sent them to the bakery to buy bread with the last of their money.